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Riverson - same

Canada 1973

Cat.-No.:MFM 019
Price: EUR 22,- LP

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A very rare and beautiful album from Canada (1973) finally gets a deserved re-release on vinyl for the first time.
Members of Freedom North and Mashmakhan founded this short lived outfit and a wonderful mixture of soft and melodic Rural Rock with some Folk and Westcoast touches is on offer.
This reissue comes in a Gatefold-Cover and of course without the annoying pressing fault that some original copies have.
It is quoted in several publications that Riverson was one of the best albums out of Canada in those days and you will surely agree after listening to this brilliant work.

Andersen / Pleym - Good old Friend

Norway 70s

Cat.-No.:MFM 018
Price: EUR 22,- LP

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Mayfair Music is proud to present an entire LP with unreleased material from Andersen / Pleym.
All the songs have been recorded at the beginning of the 70s and after the reissue of their „Have your own Feeling...“ LP some years ago, this release is the logical consequence in the musical history of this great norwegian duo.
Most of these tracks are a bit more acoustic than their relatives on the a.m. album but the distinctive A/P-Feeling is always around.
This could have been the better official release at the time but it wasn't...nearly 40 years passed until everyone can enjoy these songs.

Midwinter - The Waters of Sweet Sorrow

UK 1973

Cat.-No.:MFM 017
Price: EUR 22,- LP

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If Midwinter’s album would have been released at the time it was recorded in 1973, original copies would rank among the top Folk-Rock albums of that period. Unfortunately an official release never happened but the wonderful music was not lost.
Various reissues over the last decades kept the music in the focus of many fans and this official Vinyl-Reissue is no exception. Most of the eleven songs on this album are self-penned works and simply beautiful.
The members later evolved into the band Stone Angel and finally released a highly regarded album in 1975.
This reissue comes with an informative insert.

Tamam Shud - Goolutionites and the Real People

Australia 1970

Cat.-No.:MFM 016


Tamam Shud’s second album from 1970 is considered as the ultimate progressive masterpiece out of Australia and it’s very hard to disagree.
Sought after many collectors over the decades, this rarity finally gets a proper reissue on vinyl.
And as it is nearly impossible to describe this opus in words (only that the music and the atmosphere are simply beautiful from the first second to the last), we don’t even try and just recommend that you sit back and listen for yourselves.

Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic Maailma

Finland 1971

Cat.-No.:MFM 015
Price: EUR 22,- LP

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The next release in our „Suomi-Series“ is the extremly rare LP from Paroni Paakkunainen named ‚Plastic Maailma’ (Plastic World).
Already a musical legend in the 60s, Paroni Paakkunainen gathered a group of guest musicians together in 1971 (e.g. Harri Saksala from Kalevala)
and recorded this excellent progressive album, using a various amount of styles and influences, ranging from Folk-derivated music to Jethro Tull-affected rock.
And there is a striking Sitar-piece, too!
But Paroni Paakkunainen’s Jazz-roots are always shining through the song-structures and the musicianship of all participants is beyond any doubt.
This is the first official Vinyl-Reissue in a brilliant sound quality, including an insert and the original cover reproduction.

The Dog That Bit People - same
UK 1971
Cat.-No.:MFM 014


After the demise of the ‘Norman Haines Band’, Michael Hincks and Bob Lamb founded a new band and with the arrival of John Caswell and Keith Millar, ‘The Dog That Bit People’ was born.
They left the harder style of the ‘Norman Haines Band’ behind and moved to mellower territories with great melodies and a solid relaxed vibe.
But some songs still rock and in case of ‘Reptile Man’, they got quite prog.
Anyway: the result is brilliant and this one must be in every collection!
Their sole album has been released on Parlophone UK in 1971 and is one of the rarest items on this label today.
This first official Vinyl-Reissue includes their even rarer Promo-Single B-Side track ‘Merry-Go-Round’ as a Bonus and an insert with all the information you want to know.

Apollo - same
Finland 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 013

Apollo’s only album from 1969 is considered as a very important landmark in finnish underground music, mainly of two reasons.
First: it was one of the very first albums featuring this brand of music in Finland, and second: it encouraged further bands to create progressive music and to sing in their native tongue.
Musically, Apollo is a typical late Sixties/early Seventies period piece: a great mixture of different styles, ranging from orchestrated ballads to freaked out stuff with lots of fuzz and experimentation.
It’s an eccentric album but it never gets boring!
Some members later re-appeared in Kalevala.

This is the first official reissue on vinyl, complete with the original cover artwork.

Hair - Piece -2LP-
Denmark 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 012
Price: EUR 29,- LP

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Denmark’s finest Hard-Psychedelic band will now get their first official reissue on vinyl. Hair (no connections to the musical) released their one and only album in 1970 on EMI/Columbia and despite the fact that this was major-label release, the LP still remains as one of the rarest artifacts out of Denmark.
The listener will be rewarded with an effective combination of guitar dominated Hard-Psychedelic songwriting and strong melodic influences, culminating in their awesome masterpiece ‘Dream Song’.

This 2LP-Set includes the original album and all six songs from their singles plus a previously unreleased (on vinyl) song as extensive bonus material.

Dear Mr. Time - Grandfather
UK 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 011
Price: EUR 21,- LP

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Like the Pretty Things did with ‚S.F. Sorrow’ and the The Gods with ‘To Samuel A Son’, the Essex based group Dear Mr. Time joined the trend in releasing a concept album with a musical journey through a man’s life. However, the main difference of ‘Grandfather’ is, that this album never reached the well deserved awareness as the above mentioned albums since their sole LP was not properly published by their label and therefore the band folded soon after.
Released in 1970, this album perfectly shows the transition from Psychedelic Music into the beginnings of Progressive Music which took place at this time.
Strong melodies and a variety of styles emerge in twelve great songs reflecting the life of Grandfather.
This first official reissue on vinyl comes with an insert and one Bonustrack.

Kalevala - People No Names
Finland 1972
Cat.-No.:MFM 010
Price: N/A


Some members of Kalevala evolved out of the band Apollo in 1972 and their first album is to be considered as one of the milestones in finnish progressive hard rock. Sung in english, the LP contains eight tracks of hard, guitar driven songs with biting, and sometimes strange vocals from Harri Saksala. Clusters of progressivness can be found everywhere when the band ends the LP with an aggressive Polka or when some songs begin relaxed and melodic, just to get loud again after two minutes. It seems that this was not the way Kalevala wanted to go in the first place.
Quite a wild bunch…
This is the first official reissue with the original cover artwork.

Andersen/Pleym Group - Have Your Own Feeling, have Your Own Way

Norway 1971
Cat.-No.:MFM 009
Price: N/A


With an edition of only 250 copies, it can be claimed that this record is probably the rarest private press out of Norway (and the most unknown).
The Andersen/Pleym-Group was basically a duo which recorded their sole album in their local school with the support of some friends. This introduction might suggest that you have to expect another record of well known cover-versions but this is definitely not the case since all featured songs are original compositions by the group. And great songs they are…melodic and natural, with a Singer/Songwriter-touch but with full instrumentation including organ, guitar and drums, bearing a strong Beatles-flavour.
All the songs have been carefully remastered in order to leave the authentic feel and spirit.
This reissue comes with 3 Bonustracks plus two inserts, one being a reproduction of the original booklet.

Haikara - same
Finland 1972
Cat.-No.:MFM 008
Price: N/A


Released in 1972, Haikara’s very rare debut album can still be considered as one of the most innovative and fascinating albums out of Finland.
Excellent musicianship and composing skills culminate in five long songs, covering dark Progressive-Folk-Rock and Progressive-Jazz in a very competent and skillful way; sometimes even in one song. It’s hard to provide comparisons with other bands and not just because they sing in their native language. But loosely mentioning the keywords ‘Canterbury Scene’, ‘IF’ and ‘Van der Graaf Generator’ with patches of Folk will get you closer, but still not near enough. But one thing is for sure: the listener will be impressed !
This is the first offical reissue on vinyl, complete with the even rarer insert.

Simon Finn - Pass The Distance
UK 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 006
Price: N/A


One of the rarest LPs from the exclusive Mushroom-Label finally gets its official release on Vinyl! Often labeled as Folk, Simon Finn’s debut album from 1970 is actually more in the singer/songwriter vein but totally different to everything else you can find in this genre. With a couple of guest musicians (e.g. Kenny Elliot from Second Hand) Simon Finn created ten songs of an eerie, angry, unsettling and, if you hear the track Jerusalem, even disturbing nature.
Shortly withdrawn after its release, this demanding album is nearly impossible to find these days so finally here is your chance to listen to this fascinating music.
Limited Edition of 500 !

Saft - same
Norway 1971
Cat.-No.:MFM 005
Price: N/A


Along with Aunt Mary, Junipher Greene and Terje Ripdal, SAFT were also a well known group who were part of the growing norwegian music scene in the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s.
Their rare debut album, released in 1971 on Polydor, is a great mixture of beatlesque songs, garnished with some progressive pieces and touches of folk. You really can feel the enthusiasm of the band to create a long lasting experience for their listeners throughout the entire album... and they did a great job because every track is a brilliant musical journey on its own.
This official reissue comes in an original gatefold cover reproduction, insert and with one impressive Bonustrack: A 10 Minutes Freak-Out rendition of ‚Paint it Black‘ !

Bakery - Momento
Australia 1972
Cat.-No.:MFM 004a/b
Price: N/A


This Progressive classic from Australia gets its long awaited Vinyl-Release at last.
Momento is the band’s second album from 1972 and they delivered us a really fascinating work. Most of the long songs create a moody but laid-back atmosphere and they are going hand in hand with more powerful tracks like The Gift, where Peter Walker demonstrates a bit of strong guitar playing.
Three non-album songs from their rare singles are added as Bonustracks. In contrast to the album these tracks are hard, loud and aggressive, including an impressive cover of Deep Purple’s Bloodsucker and Bakery’s minor hit single No Dying in the Dark.
Limited Edition of 500, Dbl.-LP (3 Sides)

Lutha - same
New Zealand 1972
Cat.-No.:MFM 003
Price: N/A


Hailing from New Zealand, Lutha’s debut album from 1972 is a colourful bag of short, crisp and extremly well-crafted songs !
You will find soft Progressive Rock, lots of melodic and mellow Songwriting, including their ground shakin‘ Single Stop; The Music is Over. Some songs are so ear-catching, we guarantee that they will stay in your head for a long time !
All songs on this Reissue have been taken from the Mastertapes and sound by far better than on the original LP.
Please note that this is a 300 Edition only !

Levi Smith's Clefs - Empty Monkey -2LP-

Australia 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 002 a/b
Price: N/A


Rated as "the best Rock Album ever produced in Australia" by the local press, it's about time that this album can reach a wider audience after 35 years.
Mayfair Music is very proud to present Levi Smith's Clef's superb album 'Empty Monkey'. This group played a dynamic Progressive Rock with a heavy organ and riffing guitars. But what makes this album really outstanding is the roaring Soul-voice of the band's founder Barrie "The Bear" McAskill !
As we had the full support of Barrie during this project a lot of unreleased material popped up, including a test pressing of the first recording session. The songs on the album were re-recorded versions, making the First Session-Tracks a special treat because they sound much rawer and full of sweat !
Due to the vast amount of additional tracks we decided to release this as a Double - LP in the original Gatefold Cover.

Panna Fredda - Uno
Italy 1971
Cat.-No.:VM 001
Price: N/A


At the time this album was released, this band from Rome already vanished from the music scene for two reasons: 1) Even though the album songs were already recorded in 1970, there was no support from the label to promote the album or the singles. 2) Before frustration got even worse, some members were drawn for military service.
But before they left, they gave us this record with its distinctive clothesline-cover and a couple of Singles, two tracks of them featured here as Bonustracks. Alas, a later reunion of the band failed...
6 long tracks, great musicianship with keyboards and guitar, moody and dark songwriting...all these ingredients make this album one of Italia's finest pieces of Progressive Music.

Sub - In Concert
Germany 1970
Cat.-No.:MFM 001
Price: N/A


One might be misled by the album's title because this is not a live-album ! Instead it's a great piece of German Underground Psychedelic-Rock with lots of fuzzy guitars, a swirling keyboard and freaked-out songwriting.
The band originally hailed from Munich, started as the Beat-Combo TBC Ltd. with a slightly different line-up, changed its name to SUB and recorded the tracks on this album in 1969. As usual, it was very difficult to find a record label willing enough to release this album and because of some strange circumstances, the record was finally released on the italian Help!-Label without the band's full knowledge.
Due to the fact that Help! was a very small label, the record was produced in a small quantity and is nowadays very hard to find (and even harder to find in a good condition). Therefore, this album is one of the rarest german records!
This official reissue comes with 2 Bonustracks: An alternative version of the track 'Off' and a furious version of Steve Winwood's 'I'm A Man'!

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